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Yellow Car: An Open Source Road Trip Game

12 August 2020


An Evolutionary Strategy For Sequential Exploration

08 August 2020

A friend of mine is making a game called Chicken Wings - an energetic side-scroller where the protagonist, an ambitious chicken with lofty aspirations of space travel, needs to avoid various obstacles and collect corn. In this post I describe Proavis, the algorithm I made to play it.

Parametric Objects In Openscad And Thingiverse

05 May 2020

I recently finished two projects that involved using OpenSCAD to create some simple customizable objects. The first is a push-fit mounting system that can connect almost any two objects together. The second is a simple picture frame that can fit any picture and has some nice shape options too. In this post I will explain how I created these objects while including as many OpenSCAD tips as possible.

Procedurally Generating Puzzles With Openscad And Python

28 December 2019

This post describes a project in which I used OpenSCAD and Python to create a randomly generated puzzle cube.

Temporal Difference Learning For Ultimate Tic Tac Toe

19 September 2019

This post accompanies the implementation of temporal difference learning that can be found on my github. This amazingly simple algorithm is able to learn entirely through self-play without any human knowledge, except for the rules of the game.