Yellow Car: An Open Source Road Trip Game

12 August 2020


The Basics

[1] If a player sees a yellow car they may make a claim and receive a point. This is referred to as “calling”.


[2] Only cars which are yellow may be called.

[2.2]  Shades of green, even very light ones, are not yellow.

[2.3]  Metallic yellow, as defined by a yellow base colour and a high reflectivity, is allowed. Gold is not yellow. Nor is bronze, copper or any other simulation of a real metal. Not even [Muntz Metal]( (a.k.a. yellow metal) is not yellow.

2.4. Pearlescent paints are not allowed unless the only colours in it are shades of yellow.

2.5. While manufacturers may call a colour yellow, naming something yellow does not necessarily make it so.
  1. Only cars which are at least 50% yellow are acceptable. Cars less than half yellow, by surface area, do not count.


  1. Only cars which are yellow may be called.

    4.1. Cars are primarily designed to transport passengers rather than goods. Vans, regardless of size, do not count.

    4.2. Cars seat no more than eight (8) people. Buses, therefore, do not count. Seating fewer than eight people, however, is not sufficient to make a vehicle a car.

    4.3. Cars which have been permanently adapted, i.e. cars which have had the back windows blocked up with the intention of using the vehicle as a small van, may not be called. Temporarily conversions, i.e. a car which has had its seats folded down to transport goods, remain valid.

    4.4. Four wheels does not, alone, make something a car since this would include rollerskates, skateboards, and many other things. Conversely, Four wheels are not a requirement to make something a car. Robin Reliants are cars.


  1. Calling out “Yellow Car” is not strictly necessary. However, a call must be, by vocalization or otherwise, made unambiguous to other players of the game.

    3.1. Calls must be verified by at least one (1) other player. If no one else saw the car, it does not count.

    3.1. A yellow car may not be called before it is seen. You may not call a yellow car you know to be parked around the corner before you can see it.

Resetting and Pausing

  1. The game begins at the start of a journey and ends when that journey ends.

    4.1. A journey need not be by car. The game may be played during travel by any mode, including but not limited to walking.

    4.2. A journey may encompass multiple smaller trips, but only if those trips are related by a common objective or theme.

  2. Once a car has been called it may not be called again during the same game.

  3. The game may be paused at any time by saying “pause game” and unpaused by saying “unpause game”.

    6.1. While the game is paused, yellow cars may not be called.

    6.2. The game may be paused and unpaused by any player. The player who unpauses need not be the player who paused the game.


  1. It is the responsibility of each player to remember, approximately if not precisely, the scores of the other players.

    1.1. While keeping score is allowed, it is not seen to be in the spirit of the game.


  1. Service vehicles that are commonly yellow do not count, despite being both yellow and a car. This is region-dependant but typically excludes taxis from being called.

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